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Commercial Tree Services


Your landscaping and grounds are often the first impression your company makes. Properly pruned and lush green trees that populate the campus of a corporate building or office park contribute significantly to a desirable professional image. They can help attract and keep long term tenants. 

Let us, Diamond State Tree Experts help turn your trees into a great focal point of your property. Great looking trees can do wonders for a lackluster 

property while sick, overgrown, and neglected trees can present an array of safety hazards and eyesores. We work with our commercial clients to help enhance their brand  and make memorable first impressions while maintaining a safe environment for your employees, students, customers or patients.


Maintaining them as an asset is an investment if done proactively within a cost effective budget. Waiting for issues to arise and then reacting to them is not only more expensive but often times it is too little too late in terms of achieving the desired outcome.

The ISA Certified Arborists at Diamond State Tree Experts understand much of the time demands on Property Managers and the need for dependable and capable Tree Service Providers to get them the best return on investment as possible. Our checklist when evaluating trees on commercial property includes:


  • Detection and identification of tree safety issues

  • Identification of tree issues as they relate to worker security (ie; tree branches blocking parking lot lights)

  • Evaluation of pruning needs; limbs in contact with the roof, low limbs obstructing signage, sidewalks or parking spaces

  • Detection and identification of tree health issues

  • Tree planting opportunities to maintain canopy coverage

At Diamond State Tree Experts, we put together comprehensive maintenance programs based upon goals and objectives and establish an Action Plan to accomplish them within the confines of available budget. Often times there is no need for a huge capital expenditure. We behave as more of a partner than a mere contractor. We keep maintenance records and check in with you when services are up for renewal.



The safety and personal needs of you and your clients, and day to day business operations is very important to us. We always offer FREE consultations on any of your Commercial Tree Care Service needs and you can be confident that when you hire Diamond State Tree Experts, you are receiving the very best service available from highly trained and experienced professionals.



Diamond State Tree Experts is fully licensed and insured, all documents available upon request. We offer itemized bidding along with bulk day rate services.

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