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“Trees are such a prominent part of our everyday lives that we often forget to notice them until they are diseased, dropping branches on our driveways and cars, or otherwise causing damage to our houses and infrastructure.  This is when the  professional Arborists at Diamond State Tree Experts are called in for service.”

Tree Removal


The Tri-State area is home to a wide variety of large deciduous hardwoods, like Oak, Poplar, Cherry and Sycamore trees. While our Arborists at Diamond State Tree Experts prefer tree care and preservation, we wouldn't call ourselves “Experts” if we didn't specialize in our living urban giants last days. The safe removal of a dead or unsightly tree. 

Tree removal is the most hazardous aspect of arboriculture. Often, our tree removal crew must remove trees growing in confined spaces near houses, utility lines and other sensitive areas. This task requires considerable expertise to successfully perform this task without injury or damage to surrounding structures and vegatation.


Our lead climbers and ground support technicians are highly skilled at technical ropework and rigging to dismantle even the most inaccessible trees in a controlled, experienced manner. That ability is critical when the threshold for damage to a house, turf or shrubs is zero and there is no other means of removing the tree. 

We may also utilize a crane to help lift encumbered trees and trunks, if no other option is viable.  The boom of the crane extends over the tree, where the climber then rigs a large section to it and saws that section off while the crane operator transports the cut sections to the ground support crew for chipping or sawing.


Some call us giant slayers, magicians or modern day ninjas. I just prefer to call ourselves professional Arborists.” 


Jeremy Casey 


The Fine Details

Tree work can make quite a mess in your yard..

 Diamond State Tree Experts care about your property and takes the time to clean up before the job is finished. We pick up all sticks and debris, and then we do a final rake up of any smaller debris left behind.


When all is finished, we put your yard back together, blow off your walk and driveway leaving your property how we found it. Except with a slightly different view now that the problem tree is safely removed ! 


No matter what the size, location or available access is, you will have peace of mind that Diamond State Tree Experts is on the job !



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